The critical role of the reporting feature in the supplychainpy library, is to call out important information quickly. The reports use what we like to refer to as a “Heads up Display” (HUD) to highlight key values and KPIs. Read More

Reporting Feature For Supplychainpy

What to Expect from the Reporting Feature in Release 0.0.4? Release 0.0.4 is set officially for August 31, 2016 Release 0.0.4 is still in development (“the best-laid schemes of mice and men…” Please read the forum post on the delay). The likelihood is that that the sneak peek offered in the Gif below will change. The reporting function is deployed using a web interface and built with Flask, jinja, jQuery, javascript and SQLalchemy and powered by the supplychainpy library (Python and Cython). Read More

Release 0.0.2 Deep Dive

Release 0.0.2 sees the introduction of the Monte Carlo simulation as a feature of the library. Using historical data supplied from a .csv, probable transactions are simulated. The simulation uses normally distributed random demand, to decrement stock over a given period. Inventory movement trigger consumption of stock and affect the transactions for opening stock, closing stock, backlog and purchase orders. Read More