IASquare UX Consultation

First of all, Happy New Year! It’s been a while. I recently met with the London-based UX agency IAsquare. The team, Anthony, George and Denia are UX professionals who have advised and conducted user testing for some big names in technology. I was very grateful when they offered their time to assist me in improving the UX/UI of supplychainpy. Read More

Dash the Bot

The world is going Bot crazy; our AI overlords are just around the corner. To ingratiate ourselves and be on the right side of history we almost avoided pressing a Bot into our service, but we couldn’t resist. Zero1, HAL, Skynet don’t judge us… C’mon everyone else is doing it. Read More

Using Analytic Hierarchy with Supplychainpy

Introduction Thomas Saaty (Saaty, 1990) developed the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). The AHP structures a decision problem by comparing a set of similar alternative options (e.g. alternative haulage vehicles, suppliers, warehouse assets etc.) against different criterion (e.g. safety, reliability, maintainability and cost) to identify the superior choice in a logically consistent manner. Read More


The reporting suite provides charts and tables, while also calling out key metrics using slates in the HUD (please see: HUD post). While data visualisations are a useful way to gain insight into data, in unfamiliar domains natural language annotation may also be of use. The recommendations in the reporting suite provide some contextual analysis and in some cases make observations that may be counter-intuitive. Read More