by Kevin Fasusi |

The critical role of the reporting feature in the supplychainpy library, is to call out important information quickly. The reports use what we like to refer to as a “Heads up Display” (HUD) to highlight key values and KPIs. As seen below, the HUD is a row of boxes (Slates), that sits on top of the main charts, analysis and tabular breakdowns.

The following image shows the HUD in situ:

The content inside each slate is dynamic with hyperlinks for SKUs, classifications and warnings which lead to further analysis. Clicking the SKU KR202-225, navigates to a page which presents facts and figures related only to this SKU. The page devoted to the SKU highlights metrics such as inventory turns and safety stock, as well as presenting different forecasts.

The HUD is an important feature for quickly indicating the state of the inventory profile or object it summarises. There are a few other quick indicators implemented, one of which is the icon to the right of the SKU title at the top of the page. In the case of SKU KR202-225, the icon indicates a shortage of stock. A future post will provide more in-depth coverage of this feature.

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