Analyse your inventory profile, identify slow moving and excess stock, devise inventory policies, manage inventory levels and drive down working capital.


Simulate inventory consumption, test the results of analytical models and identify problems with safety stock allocations, or forecast models and take preemptive action.


Explore your supply chain data using the computational power of Python and the many existing data science and analysis tools.


  • Demand Planning and Forecasting
    • Simple Exponential Smoothing
    • Holts Trend Corrected Exponential Smoothing
    • ARIMA Models Under Development
  • Inventory Modelling
    • Pareto Analysis (ABC XYZ Analysis)
    • Safety Stock
    • Reorder Levels
    • Economic Order Quantity
  • Pandas DataFrame Compatibility

  • Reporting Suite
    • Excess, Shortages and Revenue Breakdown by Classification
    • Top 10 Excess and Shortages
    • SKU level breakdown for key metrics and forecasts
    • Chat Bot Under Development
    • Inventory Recommendations with traffic light system

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Package available for download as source from Pypi


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